Manuel & Electrical Wheelchairs In Morecambe

Mobility Linx provides manual and electric wheelchair in Morecambe, Lancaster and surrounding areas. Do you wish to travel around and go about your everyday activities without relying on others? Consider purchasing an electric wheelchair to get more independence due to its simplicity and capacity to cover the distance.

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Benefits of using Wheelchairs


You will be able to travel longer distances without reliance on friends, relatives or public transport.


Wheelchairs are intended to fit and operate in tight places, making them perfect for using in and outdoors.

Cost Effective

When compared to an electric scooter, they can be a more cost effective option to remain mobile.


Some wheelchairs are collapsible meaning they take up less space and are more convenience to operate.

We'll recommend the most suitable Wheelchair in store...

Our Wheelchair Range

Drive Lightweight transit wheelchair

S-Ergo 115 self propel red

Karma S-Ergo 115 self propel red

Ergo Lite 2

Karma Ergo Lite 2

Karma Ergo Lite

Karma Ergo Lite

Days escape Lite transit wheelchair

Days Escape Lite Transit Wheelchair

Agile Self Propelled

Karma Agile Self Propelled

Travelux Quest


Kymco Vivio


Kymco K-Activ

Karma Ergo Traveller 17″ Black Frame