Scooters In Morecambe

Mobility Linx sells and rents Scooters to Morecambe, Lancaster and surrounding areas. Want to move around your neighbourhood more quickly? A mobility scooter can assist you in getting around and getting more done in your day!

Established 2007
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Benefits of using Scooters


You will be able to travel longer distances without reliance on friends, relatives or public transport.


You will save time travelling to your location because mobility scooters are significantly faster than walking.


Our scooters are built to provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride.


Carrying gifts, shopping or daily items is much easier using the basket attached to the scooters.

We'll recommend the most suitable Scooter in store...

Our Scooters


Van Os Travelux Tiempo

Pride Apex Lite Scooter

Pride Apex Lite

Mobility Linx - Scooters - Pride Apex Rapid

Pride Apex Rapid

Mobility Linx - Scooters - Kymco K-Lite FE

Kymco K-Lite F (Folding Manual) / FE (Folding Electric)

Kymco Mini Comfort

Mobility Linx - Scooters - Pride Colt Plus

Pride Colt Plus

Kymco Super 4

Midi XLS Mink


Mobility Linx - Scooters - Kymco Maxer

Kymco Maxer